Jiawei Long Power Solid State Energy Storage Technology (Rugao) Co., Ltd. is founded in October 2016. The registered capital is 100 million yuan and the total investment amount is 660 million yuan. Mainly committed to producing the fast charging, long cycle and low-cost lithium-ion battery and battery pack module. The total construction area is 119,182 square meters, and the power battery is designed to have a total capacity of 2.1 billion Wh/year. The first phase of the project is to produce fast-charge soft-packed power battery, and designed to have a capacity of 100 million Wh/year, which has been put into operation; the second phase is to produce power and energy storage lithium-ion battery, and designed to have a capacity of 2 billion Wh/year, which is expected to start production in 2018.

The company's technical team consists of Dr. Kongxian Ding, the chairman of Jiawei and adjunct professor of Wuhan University; Dr. Biying Huang, the post-doctor, researcher and doctoral tutor in MIT; Dr. Yong Xiang, doctor of Harvard University, Dr. Lijie Ci, the former chief scientist of Samsung American San Jose Research Center and the expert in the carbon nanomaterials field. The company has always been adhering to the principle of 'providing the world with efficient green energy', pursuing to become a world-class energy storage lithium-ion battery provider. The company keeps innovation to illustrate the technical capability in the industry.