Jiawei Long Power Solid State Energy Storage Technology (Rugao) Co., Ltd. is a company founded in June 2016. The registered capital is 250 million yuan and the total investment amount is 670 million Yuan. The company located in Jiangsu Rugao national high-tech development zone. Specializing in the generation of high-end ternary and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, lithium-ion batteries, battery pack modules and electrolyte.

The company's research team consists of Dr. Biying Huang, the post-doctor, researcher and doctoral tutor in MIT; Dr. Kongxian Ding, the chairman of Jiawei and adjunct professor of Wuhan University; Dr. Yong Xiang, doctor of Harvard University, This professional team is adhering to the principle of 'providing the world with efficient green energy', and contribute to the national sustainable development of new energy industry.