Build Temple Photovoltaic Power Station

In July 2016, considering that there was no power supply in the Qulang Duojie Temple, the company’s president, Joe Li, agreed to donate another off-grid photovoltaic power station to the temple, which valued at 200,000 yuan. This project was led by president Joe Li, vice president Xiaoxiong Liu, Qifang Wang and Shixiong Liang. The following photos are the process of installation.

Duoduo Canyon is in a remote location, where the transportation is inconvenient and living conditions are also very difficult. Our engineers worked hard to overcome the fatigue of the journey and the discomfort caused by the plateau reaction, and immediately began to work more than 10 hours a day after reaching the Qulang Duoduo. Finally, the problem that no electricity supply for Duoduo Canyon area can be solved by the project team.