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personnel philosophy (Talent concept)

unbroken absorb talents in various fields , is an important factor in maintaining Jiawei Shares rapid development . In 20 years of growth , we have accumulated more than just
Corporate wealth, size and strength , but also a great man of wisdom and passion Chia convergence . We uphold the concept be tolerant to diversity of Jobs in the concept of talent is committed to creating equal respect , integrity, hard work, communication and collaboration , loyalty, responsibility.
We encourage our employees the courage to face the difficulties for themselves and their commitment to corporate responsibility . So that every employee can comfortably Jiawei their talent on this platform .


Staff Development (Staff development)

Whether you intend to participate in the new energy, new light industrial or other career options , Jiawei company is perhaps appropriate for your place to start . We do not you have a special experience and background, we are recruiting the most intelligent , most capable and eager to succeed. Here you can learn about the new energy industry , understand Jia company , find a good starting point for your career started .


You can learn about our culture and through staff development, and recruitment center to find jobs that interest you. If you have any questions about the application process, please write to HR@jiawei.com asked .


your career from the beginning Jiawei

Select Jiaru Jia Wei is to choose a challenging and exciting career.


We need people who have contributed

If you are passionate cause, we are sure you will find room for development here , we need the courage to contribute to people . Whether you're in the level of how your company's contribution will deserve rewards . Clean Energy Jiawei unlimited prospects are engaged in every great man 's career Jia space is no upper limit .
There is " eclectic talent " in a flexible and pragmatic employment mechanism , we emphasize merit-based , ability and integrity .
"Sunshine career, bright future ," we believe that every great man of wisdom and industrious Chia has a beautiful future.