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What is led lights

Release Date:2013-12-12Come from: Jiawei

LED Street Light (Light Emitting Diode, light-emitting diodes ) that semiconductor lighting . It is based on a weak power semiconductor PN junction can be formed by solid-state light emitting efficiency , the forward bias voltage and a current injection , the injection hole area and P N injecting electrons to the diffusion region after radiation emitted by the active region of the composite while photons of light energy directly into electrical energy . It is a solid cold light source , with environmental pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, therefore , LED lights will become a road lighting energy-saving choice.

Jiawei LED lights advantages :
1 , Jiawei LED street light features its own - one-way light , no light diffuser to ensure the efficiency of light .

2 , Jiawei LED lights have a unique optical design , the LED lights illuminating light shines on the desired area , and further improve the light efficiency to save energy.

3 , LED light efficiency Jiawei 's currently has 110-130lm / W, but there is still much room for development, the theoretical value of 250lm / W. The luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp is only increased with the increase in power , therefore , the overall light efficiency LED lights stronger than high pressure sodium ; ( the overall light efficiency is theoretically , in fact, more than 250W HPS light efficiency is higher than LED) .

4 , Jiawei LED street light color than many of the high-pressure sodium lamp , high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23 , while the LED lights color rendering index of 75 or more, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, illumination LED lights can reduce the ratio of the average HPS more than 20% (see the British sense lighting standards ) .

5 , Jiawei LED road lighting decay, one year less than 3% of the light fades , still reached a 10 -year road illumination requirements, and high-pressure sodium lights big decline , about a year has fallen by 30% above , therefore , LED lights in the use of power can be lower than the design of high-pressure sodium lamps.

6 , Jiawei saving LED lights with automatic control device, can be achieved in time to meet the lighting requirements of different situations to reduce the maximum possible power to save energy. Spark intelligent LED lights dimming can be achieved computers , sub- time control , lighting control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other user-friendly features .

7, Jiawei LED is a low-voltage devices , single LED driving voltage of safe voltage , single LED power products are 1 watt , so it is more secure than using a high voltage power supply power supply , especially for public places ( eg : street lighting , industrial lighting, automotive lighting, commercial lighting, etc. ) .