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Jiawei Solar LED Application Forum sponsored shares held in Beijing's Great Hall

Release Date:2013-12-12Come from: Jiawei

Chinese capital securities Tianyun Chang

6 29 afternoon by Jiawei shares (300317.SZ) organized Aladdin lighting network , the Vatican Versailles Lighting , Love and other contractors heyday of the "First China Solar LED lighting applications special report "was held in Beijing Great Hall of the Musikverein .

forum started by a speech from the State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance Secretary General Miss Wu Ling , she tells the history and policies to support the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry. Professor

then chairman of the shares Ding Jia Wei Yin hole a " photovoltaic lighting development and analysis" special report. Professor Ding Kongxian rich academic experience is not only an expert , but also a positive transformation of research results into entrepreneurs Industrial applications. He pointed out in the report, although the LED has many shortcomings, but fundamental, the advantage of the market outlook , wide outdoor demand characteristics of the successful fifteen national research project makes use of photovoltaic and LED combination to promote the development of LED , while with constant breakthroughs in the production process , from the original "high low-quality " into ordinary household goods of high quality , LED has made great achievements in the field of energy . Professor Ding finally expressed

photovoltaic LED industry outlook . He believes that the combination of solar and LED applications are " Goddess Marriage " , shielding the two combine to make the shortcomings that can make a significant contribution to low-carbon energy ; solar lighting products are divided into four parts: the photovoltaic power generation, lighting luminous , control systems and storage systems, storage systems and then if to further enhance the photovoltaic LED industry will gain greater achievements .

then Japanese Citizen Electronics (HK ) Co., Ltd. CEO were to explain the core technology of the LED light source , about the contrast of traditional halogen light in color , chromatography , color consistency , light failure to break the color fades and other issues. Then , the Vatican Versailles Lighting Director Mr. Huang Maozhou , shared Crystal LED light source incandescent breakthrough in the spectral contrast and lighting quality , and highlighted the LED applications "user experience" concept. Jiawei shares on behalf of the organizers , the design consultant , Mr. Guo Wenjun also made a statement , he cited the case of LED lighting applications in many cities around the "people-oriented " concept to analyze the importance of LED application design aspects .

in the next five-party forum tightening by government leaders , industry association leaders , experts, designers, owners representatives of five parties together to discuss the six LED issues . Five parties on behalf of the above six issues were discussed and discussed in simple terms , and with the audience, designers, manufacturers had a lively interaction.

According Jiawei shares to the staff, the Solar LED Application Forum is a nonprofit basis, so that experts and scholars , designers , owners, manufacturers and government officials gathered in one , both learn from each other to make , but also for the industry to provide new ideas. 更多资讯请到三依中文网 http://www.3eeezw.com/ 三依中文网